University of Minnesota

I built a custom form in backbone to sell tickets and receive high volume donations. We focused on keeping the interface as simple as possible for non-technical people.

Wet n Wild

Assisted development of a native mobile app for iOS and Android built using web technologies. Using PhoneGap and Cordova, I utilized native APIs for devices to add features alongside a team.

Carrot Ink & Inkjets

Two websites powered by Magento, I made a custom product display page to match the design provided to me. Also updated the rest of the interface on a few pages: buttons, product displays, tables, and checkout.

Select Account

WordPress powered website for an insurance company. Lots of custom form functionality built with plain javascript. I helped update the theme and create a few new custom pages. Also helped fix bugs and improved the general usability of the insurance forms with javascript.

Reach Local

A completely custom code base that supposedly spanned over half a million lines of PHP code. I was brought in to fix bugs. Despite the complexity and scope, I managed to jump right in and help reduce their kanban pile appreciably.