Made to provide information on Nursing Degrees, how to get them, and relevant topics.

About the Tech

Built on WordPress using a custom theme, and many different plugins to extend functionality. The team also had some special tooling to make their process for pushing updates more automated.

My Role on this Project

The site was built on top of a custom solution for deploying WordPress which unfortunately had some troubles when it came time to update to HTTPS. I was able to step in and make some necessary upgrades to get all pages fully compliant. HTTPS is more important than ever now that Google has officially included it as a ranking signal.

I was responsible for general maintenance and otherwise cleaning up the site. During my time I managed to clean out some heavily tied in WordPress plugins that were causing performance issues, and made even more gains by helping unify the tracking systems.

Monetization was another thing I implemented across many targeted pages, working closely with non-technical members to ensure their strategy was met.