Jesse Fox

[email protected]

Full Stack JavaScript and PHP Developer

About Me

I've been building web apps for 9 years, but coding has been a life long passion for me. I have extensive experience handling all parts of the stack: From planning and databases to coding and interfaces. I'm excited to work on interesting new projects where my skills can shine and I can create something I'm proud of! College graduate with a degree of Applied Science in Web Design and Development.

Technical Skills

Javascript & Node




Employment & Experience

Higher Education

Front End Developer

Properties: and more

Converted many websites from WordPress to Jekyll, a static site generator.

Complete redesigns, taking the Sketch files to fully responsive pages.

Took requests from the content team and other non-technical users to update and maintain a large number of sites.

Interviewed potential candidates for hiring onto the team.

Updating older non-SSL to fully support HTTPS with no broken pages.

Reviewed pull requests for other members of the team for quality assurance.

Regency Beauty Institute

WordPress Developer


Responsible for the maintenance, support, and development of features for inherited WordPress website.

Planned and executed various A/B tests to increase site performance.

Supported teammates with various features and special functions of site operation.

Advised on strategies for new development, as well as obtaining and capitalizing on new technologies.

Created custom email templating system in PHP to replace exact target for our CRM team.


Full Stack PHP Developer


Primarily tasked with speeding up, fixing, and otherwise updating an ExpressionEngine site.

Greatly optimized templates and pages to be served up faster.

Created custom blog, search, filtering, and pagination functionality based on specific requirements.

Testing on many different mobile devices, ensuring all pages and details were rock solid.

Ackmann and Dickenson

Web Developer


Front and Back End development on a variety of platforms; including Ruby on Rails, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Java, and Zend.

Consulting with clients to help determine best needs for the project.

Tasked with improving large, complex PHP code bases that spanned over multiple sites.

Improved usability and experience of complex insurance forms using javascript.

University of Minnesota

Javascript Developer


Oversaw Backbone.js app used to make a simple interface for complex AJAX requests.

Planned and built system for selling dinner party tickets to meet meticulous requirements.

Assisted development of an AngularJS app used to receive high value donations.


Full Stack Javascript Developer

Steal the Look app on Google Play

Finishing development on a site using WordPress for CMS with a custom front end.

Single page style Backbone.js app to emulate the experience of native tablet.

Testing on multiple mobile devices with a focus on responsive design.

Feature development and bug fixing on a mobile app using PhoneGap, CSS, Javascript.

The Lacek Group

Full Stack PHP Developer


Took over an existing Yii code base to extend and fix it to meet new requirements.

Picked up new framework in short amount of time and used immediately.

Independent back end developer, oversaw many areas such as analytics, bug fixing, and security.

Ran security audits using OWASP ZAP and Burp Suite, reported on the results, and fixed all possible holes.

Polaris Industries

Front End Developer


Worked closely with back end developers and designers, turning PSDs and data into impressive, functional web pages.

Interfaced with an API on a mobile app in order to create a custom google map with special icons, locations, and features.

Fast paced environment, frequently picking up completely new technologies and applying them immediately.

Hand wrote Javascript to make user friendly interfaces on a range of different projects.